They’re talking; are you listening?

listening-200pxQuick, touch your ears. Are they burning hot? No? Well they should be. According to the old wives’ tale, if your ears are burning, someone, somewhere is talking about you.

For businesses and organizations large and small, listening to what your customers (and employees) are saying, online and off, is a powerful indicator of whether or not your brand is delivering on your promises. People are quick to react, and their observations provide valuable insight into your performance – both good and bad.

What type of listener are you?

  1. Active – Active listeners are invested in the conversation and genuinely concerned about the message that is being communicated. They ask follow up questions to ensure understanding.
  2. Superficial – Superficial listeners tune out of the conversation once they have extracted what they think they understand the point of the message.
  3. Arrogant – Arrogant listeners do more talking than listening. They are more interested in what they have to say.

There are many venues where your customers and employees are talking about your business. The coffee pot in the break room, Twitter, Facebook and the dinner table at home. Listening is a vital skill that is worth cultivating. Applying what you learn from these conversations to your operations will make your business more productive and make you a more effective leader.

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About Julie A. Novak

Julie A. Novak is a professional communicator known for her entrepreneurial spirit, energy and creativity. She creates campaigns that build relationships and loyalty. Julie earned a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from West Virginia University and is a member of Leadership Rhode Island’s 2013 class.
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