Seven creative uses for Vine videos in marketing and promotions

vine-icon-200pxBy now you have likely heard of Vine, a mobile app from Twitter that allows users to create and share six-second looping videos. The app, which captures sounds and multiple scenes, is easy to use with a tap of the finger and quickly gaining in popularity.

According to eMarketer, Vine’s relationship with Twitter will be important to its growth. A survey conducted by the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence found that 92 percent of video viewers share mobile phone videos with friends and on social media, with tweets making up 12 percent of shares.

I have been experimenting with Vine and tested my creativity at the Rhode Island Spring Flower and Garden Show on Thursday. Here are the results:

For marketers, Vine is a tool that forces you to be creative by imposing a six-second limit much like Twitter’s 140-character maximum. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do a lot with a little. Try one of these seven creative uses of Vine to humanize your brand and promotions:

  1. Tout events. Let fans behind the curtain to see what you have planned. Introduce speakers, special discounts and other event-related promos. After the event, share highlights and results.
  2. Show off your headquarters. Do you work in a cool, unique space? Give a quick tour of your office or building.
  3. Self-promote. There is lots of talk about building your personal brand these days. Use Vine to introduce yourself and pitch your brand or service. These videos make an interactive addition to your website, blog and social bios. It’s also a great way to introduce your team online.
  4. Share sound bites. Incorporate key messages and testimonials in ads and on your website or blog.
  5. Show progression of a project. Give viewers a peek at what goes on behind the scenes. Six seconds is plenty of time to show the beginning, middle and end of a new product or project.
  6. Tease your audience. This is a good way to promote a product launch and breed excitement.
  7. Run a contest. Ask your customers to showcase how they use your product or service. Reward the winner who shows the most creativity.

What creative ways are you using Vine in your promotions?

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About Julie A. Novak

Julie A. Novak is a professional communicator known for her entrepreneurial spirit, energy and creativity. She creates campaigns that build relationships and loyalty. Julie earned a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from West Virginia University and is a member of Leadership Rhode Island’s 2013 class.
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