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I can see clearly now the ads are gone

As technology changes, there will inevitably be some form of intrusive, in-your-face advertising, for better or worse, which leverages the strength of the medium. There also will be consumers who resist these messages that interfere with their daily lives.

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Click + here ≠ call to action

What is the most meaningless phrase on the World Wide Web? I’ll give you a hint: it’s two words long, superficial and ineffective. Still unsure? Click here. As a call to action, the phrase “click here” is vague and doesn’t … Continue reading

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Tamales and cheeseburgers: To reach the Hispanic market, make campaigns culturally relevant and social

In sixth grade, learning a language became a requirement in school and I had two choices: Spanish or French. The older kids said French was hard in the beginning, but the lessons eventually got easier the more you learned. They … Continue reading

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